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I am a reliable Psychic Tarot reader. I provide very informative readings on Love, Money, Career and personal dilemmas. I will not judge you, regardless of what you are facing, you are not alone and I am here to assist you. I may have a specific spiritual message to offer you alongside our reading together. So, please call me and let's start our reading together. PIN: 1397



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Fantastic Reading

Had a reading with Amber tonight and I must say she was spot on. She picked up on my situation with no prompting at all and was able to give me a lot of insight. My sotuation is very specific and not one that could be guessed so I was so very impressed. I would highly recommend the lovely Amber Rose. Much love hun xx

Jason Smith From Switzerland On 22/01/2022


Too vague. Said Someone coming back from the past snd changes in work coming up. No specific details given about either. Maybe had a connection. But the main word in last sentence is ‘maybe.’ No real specifics nor validations to know for sure that she had psychic link.

Cd From Brighton On 20/11/2021

Lovely lady & accurate

I spoke to Amber tonight, she is a really lovely lady, makes you feel relaxed .. Amber picked up on my current situation, gave me clarify & was spot on about the gentleman in question. I hope he will come forward & make amends . Thank you Amber I really appreciated your reading :) Definitely recommend you have a reading

Maxi From Kent On 20/11/2021

2-and a half to 3 stars in quality reading

Reasonable I suppose? She said some things that seemed to make a lot of sense. But I was / am having to think about it. And I shouldn’t have to think about. The info from the reader should come so quickly - confidently snd specifically that I’m immediately put at ease and am left with no doubts..... she didn’t do that, although - like I said- some things seemed to make sense.

Troy From Brighton On 31/07/2021

So accurate

Omg just spoke to Amber Rose and she validated ‘constantly’ throughout the reading. I have honestly never experienced such a relaxed and in tune reading before. I love her energy and believe and trust all that she’s telling me. Amazing read! Excited to come back again! Thank you!

Michelle From London On 24/05/2021

Thank you so much

I needed some confirmation and got exactly that, beautiful energy and very easy to talk to and understand. Thanks again with love, light and blessings .

Della From Wales On 13/05/2021

Okay reading

Picked up correct details Reading was okay Used cards n took time to pick up

Varshini From Blackpool On 10/05/2021

Wow..Thank you x

Hi Amber, saying thank you is not enough. What an amazing and gifted time it was speaking to you. Just keep thinking WOW ! You picked up a situation straight away and now have so much peace. It was a massive blessing talking to you. Thank you so very much. Bless you. xx

Tony From SW Eng. On 01/05/2021

Excellent reader. Spot on and very insightful, lovely lady. Thank you so much. God bless

Mrs J Jason From Cotswolds On 17/03/2021

Empathetic reader

Hi Amber rose sorry i couldnt top up anymore. Thank you for the reading so insightful sound advice and accurate. Hope to catch you again

S From England On 27/11/2020

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Amber Rose - 1397

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