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Are you feeling stuck or lost? Do you need the answers to your most important questions? I'm Mandy a Clairvoyant Tarot card reader with years of experience. My mother and I have done back to back readings for different people from all over the UK and we've received some fantastic feedback. I am easy to talk to and I never judge someone's situation. I am a kind and friendly soul that loves to use her spiritual ability for everyone's greater good. PIN: 1591



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Not for me

I had a messenger reading today and she said I’d have 3 people to choose from for a committed relationship. I know my circumstances and there is no way this will happen. When I questioned this she became horribly rude. I had a bad reading with her 6 months but thought I’d give her another try. 6 months ago she gave a prediction and told me she is never wrong. That’s super arrogant, especially as nothing came to pass so she clearly is wrong sometimes. Today she told me to find another reader because I said I couldn’t see what she said would happen.

Sarah From Hull On 17/11/2021

General reading

She was spot on but went quiet for 10mins of my time I had to log out. Message contact is a waste of money with mandy ,Long silent

R From Essex On 24/07/2021


Got straight to the point picked up on everything waiting for his return I will post she was very positive. Beautiful person Thankyou ..

Maria From Australia On 14/07/2021

What a lovely lady

So uplifting I had so much going on right now you wouldn’t know where to start in 40 minutes this very gifted lady tuned into eveything I’m having to deal with as a working medium and reader myself ( I’m in the top 10) uk psychics myself) I did not tell her this however I knew she knows her stuff!.. she covered my move ( didn’t tell her) my partners struggles ( didn’t tell her I was with anyone!) my past pretty much eveything in this short time thank you Mandy I will be back and recommending you that’s for sure god bless you Jules

Jules From Surrey On 21/06/2021

Had my doubts

I came away from the reading feeling really confused as the information provided just did not flow (i didn't understand what was being said as the statements seem to contradict one another), plus I felt there was more prompting for information. Not for me sorry

Elle From Australia On 24/05/2021

Doubt TP will post this

Mandy was completely off...almost like she was reading from something as mentioned a reading I had with someone else and tried to go down the same line even though completely different situation I was asking about. Nothing made sense and when I said this was quite rude but sorry if I can’t relate to anything and someone is completely all over the place I will say as it’s wasting my money.

From Derbyshire On 17/03/2021


I have been talking to Mandy for about 5 weeks after my husband left. She is not just reassuring, honest and helpful, but she has given me several predictions weeks in advance that have been coming true recently when they seemed completely impossible and hopeless. I have consulted with many different psychics on here, and while they all give me generally the same reading, mandy seems the most accurate in terms of dates and how things will unfold. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her. X

Jackie From Suffolk On 04/02/2021


i had reading yesterday and you gave me 2 week guidance for a ex to come back in my life well it happened that evening he called me he drove down to see me and he told me the side i didnt want to hear also but i had to hear them to move on thank you i couldnt fault this lady shes amazing

From On 08/11/2020


Thank you so much Mandy for a lovely reading this evening, besides it being accurate it also gave alot of positive thought. Mandy is amazing and so real. Very genuine xx

Carrie From Kent On 31/10/2020


Cant understand all the 5 star reviews. She was totally off.

Chris From London On 25/10/2020

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