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I am an angel card reader. I love the positivity they bring into readings and I have been using them for a few years. I also use the tarot also. I am a hands on healing energy healer and I thrive on giving spot on readings to my clients. I am here to give you insight, clarity and personal readings that will uplift you in any circumstances. PIN: 1743



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I can offer a none judgemental reading about life and general issues including love.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I regularly saw a gentleman in childhood. He was always a great comfort and a lovely energy to be around, and when I was around 11 I was looking through my Grandmother's photographs with her and said 'oh I know him, he is a very nice man' my Grandmother replied that was impossible as he had died before I was born. I then thought it best to just not mention these things and that I was probably being silly. I could vividly see things and in dreams I would have vivid conversations with deceased loved ones. For years I explained things away as fantasy, and made as much effort as I could to repress these things. After meeting a wonderfully gifted psychic medium and healer I realised that I was actually hearing spiritual messages rather than going slightly mad and I still learning in some areas. After a great deal of thought I decided to let myself become more spiritual. I am very intuitive as well as be kind.

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Always star readings

Thank you Opal for consistent star readings! Your readings are always with love and support. Have a great year in 2022! Lots of love!

From London On 28/12/2021


Helps keep me sane. Thanks Opal.

Adrian From Uk On 19/11/2021

One of the best!

AMAZING! In every way! Does not need info! Very quick to tune in! Detailed clarity snd accuracy! As if she knew all those in the situation personally. No sugar coating, straight to the point, and says it all with compassion. A very good reader who won’t waste time. Opals predictions have unfolded just as she said in the past. Thank you! Bless :)

DB From Australia On 27/07/2021

Great reader

Connected immediately. She is a genuine Empath and compassionate reader. Thank you for the clarity.

Empath From Uk On 13/05/2021

Fantastic reading

Opal picked up in my situation instantly. She said exactly what she saw, gave me lots of information and gave me answers without me having to ask. Opal is a really lovely lady to chat with and made me feel completely at ease.

Emma From S otland On 12/05/2021


Opal is excellent put my mind at ease picked up my situation in detail. 5 stars

Teresa From london On 29/12/2020

Lovely reader

No questions, she just fired away with information. Was so in tune and a nice lady too. Thank you x

From On 15/12/2020


I’ve spoken to Opal a few times now and her advice and what she says is consistently accurate and on point.

Maria From Australia On 08/12/2020


What a lovely lady. So accurate and delivered with so much compassion with every question that I asked. I feel so enlightened, thank you so much

Carrie From Kent On 01/12/2020


Great. Helpful. Understanding and able to give clarity. Thank you.

Barbara From Australia On 07/10/2020

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Opal - 1743

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