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Hello you are through to Noorie, pin number 2267. I can offer tarot and psychic readings on a professional level. I have been giving readings for over 10 years and I specialize in love, relationship and career readings. I am here to provide insight, clarity and an understanding of your situation. Call me for a warm and enlightening reading today. PIN: 2267



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Noori your reading was spot on for me, so in-depth and specific, you picked up so much about my person, thank you I'll be back lovely x

Anna From Uk On 20/04/2022

She hang up on me

When I asked for a general reading, I felt she struggled to give anything specific. When I asked her to clarify things, she hang up on me.

From Yorkshire On 01/04/2022

So Naturally Gifted

So gifted, connects without cards and is able to answer questions immediately without hesitation. Brilliant

PM From West Midlands On 01/04/2022

Really Quite Good

Picked-up on quite a few details that could not've been known about.

P From Manchester On 26/03/2022

Lovely lady, no hesitations

First reading with this lovely lady. sadly my time ran out mid conversation. What a wonderful reading about a very confusing situation. She had no hesitation and did not ask any questions, but picked up on some things that were spot on, so I am very hopeful about the rest of the reading. I did get some timescales, so I really hope all she predicted comes to pass. Lovely musical uplifting voice, instant connection. I asked direct questions and got very positive immediate answers. I also asked asdvice on what i should do, and she reassured me with advice that I am definitley going to take. I do hope all she said comes to pass. One of the nicest readers I have connected with. Thank you Noorie. I hope to come back and update to say all has happened exactly as you said! x

Kharis From Bedford On 18/03/2022

Wow Wow Wow

Noorie doesn't use cards just tunes in and wow is she good at it. Natural psychic who has a god given talent. Incredible

PM From West Midlands On 17/03/2022

Honest and real psychic

Noorie connected instantly sweet and spot on answered my question quickly I am grateful to her and her guide very spiritual reader thank you from a on 28/12/21 and waiting for predictions

Sheel From Surrey On 29/12/2021

Prediction Came to Pass

Out of three jobs I applied, I'll get one good surprise, predicted on 27th of September 2021. I got a double promotion position I applied and I got it on 28th of October. Oh my!! Thanks Norrie. I am proud of you.

Anuradha From UK On 23/11/2021

seemed off

seemed distracted and and not really up for giving a reading. Long pauses and got quickly defensive when I mentioned it I understand people have off days, but for heavens sake please be honest, don't waste other peoples time and money!

Mandy From On 23/09/2021


Proper psychic no questions. Lovely woman.

Christopher From London On 15/09/2021

Highly Efficient

Noorie connected instantly and didn't ask a single question. Absolutely lovely to talk to and also made me laugh with her sweet and innocent remarks. I'll reach out to her again but she is so busy. Its a privilege to talk to this gifted lady.

Anuradha From UK On 26/05/2021

Good reading

I don’t know why she doesn’t have so many reviews. She is a brilliant clairvoyant She gets straight to the point and doesn’t use cards! Will come back and update Thankyou.

M From Uk On 20/01/2021


Noorie is a very natural reader a truly gifted she is also very caring her predictions always happen..xxxx

Lbzźz From London On 30/12/2020

Lovely to speak to

Such a nice lady. Had a really good and accurate reading about a POI and a general reading and she was spot on. She was so lovely to speak to also made me laugh which was what I needed. Thank you Noorie, you are lovely

Carrie From Kent On 20/12/2020


Had a few readings with her and she has been consistent connects well thank you noorie

Pree From West Midlands On 15/07/2020


Brilliant reader. Spot on about the situation. Look forward to the predictions. Will come back and update.

From On 25/06/2020


noorie was so lovely to talk to. Picked up very quick and was very comforting when I got upset. So thank you so much. Would defo recommend

E From uk On 24/06/2020

Excellent reader

Noorie is my go to reader and all her predictions have come true for me. She is always kind and quick with her answers and she always remembers me.

Hana From London On 20/06/2020

The best!

I don’t normally write reviews but Noorie definitely deserves more then 5 stars.. predictions always happened sometimes there are delays but it is hard to pick up timeframes. events have always happened like she said. Still waiting for one prediction hopefully it’s not long for it to unfold. Thanks Noorie your the best.

Mis From Bburn On 19/06/2020

Noorie seems spot on but her prediction never happened. Perhaps she picked up the lag in energy due to some changes in recent time. But even tho I told her of the changes, she sticks with what she predicted but it was wrong.

From On 12/06/2020

So spot on

Last year she predicted a new man coming my life and said it would be my forever love. Well I did meet him not so long after the call and he’s asked me to marry him so she was spot on. Also other predictions hopefully will come good. Thank you Noorie you are totally brilliant xxxxx

Marianna From Surrey On 26/04/2020


Just accurate!

Chris From London On 21/04/2020


Felt the warmth of her heart, talking to her. She picked up on the situation straight away and told me I’d be travelling in June ( travelling plans were made for June)

Ma From Leeds On 04/03/2020

wow wow

Noorie gave me valadations which no one else would know gave me predictions so lets see the out come when they unfold , I will be back in touch when they do .

From On 03/01/2020

Simply the best

Once again you have proved how genuine you really are. No sugar coating with you, just honest truthful reading...thank you again and again and again

Windyflame From Australia On 22/12/2019

Thankyou Noorie very good reading very accurate

From Australia On 22/12/2019

Okay. Alot of reassurance but not much specific information

From On 21/10/2019


I had reading with her last year about an ex. Straightaway she gave a reviled reply and said he's a very bad man. And he was and is. All ties been cut. That's definitely accurate. Today she forecasted i will get the job opportunity i want by March next year. And also will get the man that i have been working on by jan/feb next year.

From Oz On 18/09/2019

Beautiful lady

Thank you Noorie you're one of a kind, you deserve the best and I will update you when the nasty ex boss talks to me.

Raz From On 11/09/2019

Thank you for your guidance, an amazing reading. He has been in contact and was exactly as you said. I want to tell you myself the happiness I feel. It was like we aren’t separated thank you for your honesty

Windyflame From Australia On 08/09/2019

Spot on

Lovely lady to speak to and spot on with situations. Predictions are spot on too.

R From Uk On 29/08/2019

She deserve more then 5 star

Thank you my angel for everything again!

From On 10/07/2019


Told me in January that I would meet a new man in the summer and I have against all the odds she also said some other stuff that's come true. Amazing natural reader. Wouldn't go to anyone else now xxx

Marianna From Surrey On 05/07/2019

Very good

Spoke to Noorie for one specific question and she gave a straight answer and didnt waste my time. So happy with the reading.Thank you Noorie!

From Kent On 17/06/2019

wow wow wow

amazing asked no question not a time waster picked up on everything got enitials new everything about my situation kind and compassionate validated everything really well worth a reading totally accurate told me things no one else knew just genuine very psychic lady x

star From uk On 21/05/2019


Spoke to her very well, she was absolutely amazing to talk to definitely gave me answers I wanted to know, and gave me so much positive energy definitely recommend her

Chaiya From Leicestershire On 16/05/2019

Brilliant reader!

Thank you very much!! nice positive person good reader love & light xx

From On 08/05/2019

Waite and see

I can't understand why Noorie hasn't had a recent review She uplifted my spirits , confirmed something that I knew about , advised me on another matter was empathetic listened and supported me . Will give the 5 the star and call again once every thing pans out God bless and thank you Helena xx. 1/5/19

Helena From North East UK On 01/05/2019


Such a lovely, warm person. Had 2 readings with her by accident and both were exactly the same, though she couldn't have known who I was. Really pleased with my readings and I look forward to the predictions coming true.

Jo From Cheshire On 30/04/2019

Absolutely Wonderful

Noorie was very interesting and she made a handful of predictions. i know it will come true just cant wait..... She is quite deep but is also important to take her advice. Erm she likes to talk a lot so if you feel you need to ask her anything go ahead and Do that.

sheila From london On 30/04/2019

insightful & clear

very insightful reading helped clear up many issues i was going through at the time

Dana From Aberdeen On 28/11/2017

very good connection

Picked up on situation straight away and answered my unasked question. Many thanks for the clear, concise and quick answers..

Lynda From Perth On 05/11/2017


Noorie picked up on subjects I did not ask about. Initiative without her needing to ask questions. Bought up subjects I wanted to cover off on. Will see if the predications come to fruition. Highly recommend. Thank you!

S From Australia On 18/10/2017


Very nice lady. Very accurate reading and offered sound advice about a difficult situation. I hope to hear another reading in the future.

L From Australia On 09/10/2017


Norrie is a very blessed and skilled reader she has truely been blessed with a natural ability of sight. She gave me some real sound, solid advice there was no beating around the bush her advice was straight on the mark aswell as being compassionate with the advice given.

Helen From West Bourne On 13/09/2017


Dosent have a clue what she's doing as she just fishes for reading , worst reader on hear I would not recommend !!!!

S From London On 08/06/2017

So lovely x

What a funny and positive lady! I just feel so much better!! Thankyou! X

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia On 06/06/2017

She's funny direct. Wicked. Encourage me to do what's right for me. I so will do it.

From On 02/04/2017

Very fun and positive reading such a lovely Ladie looking forward in the future coming up Thankyou Luv and blessing

A From Australia On 05/03/2017

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