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Hello my name is Pauline, I am a 3rd generation psychic from my mothers side! I'm a gifted tarot card reader and audiovoient. I use the cards and the crystal ball and my spirit guide to aid me with my readings, my readings can give you positive guidance concerning your life! Destiny will guide you on your path. This will be a non judgemental and confidential reading love and light to you all. PIN: 2335



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No thank you

Nice lady though it was difficult to focus due to background noise of tv, microwave, talking to children whilst I waited on line with my paid time. TP I hope you post and pls bring in some professionalism with your readers.

London From Di On 12/11/2021

Five Stars Plus

Pauline said she was 100% sure I would get my missing cat back when another psychic said the cat had gone away to die. Pauline was spot on as the cat was handed in to a vet and because she was microchipped the vet was able to contact me and I got my cat back.

penelope From berkshire On 22/08/2021


Pauline has always shown much compassion understanding clarity and absolute accuracy. As a medium myself, I’ve made Pauline my go-to. She will always dig deeply into complicated situations. No sugar coating, but very patient. Honestly worry having a read with her.

Pisces From Australia On 11/08/2021

Not for me

Chose this reader because of the good reviews. Severely disappointed, the tv was on in the background, kids shouting, neither of us could hear each other, so bad I ended the call. Very poor service

From On 20/06/2021


I chose this reader based on their profile which seems to focus on their psychic rather than tarot skills, but it was a straight tarot reading. Very vague, this energy will come in, that energy will come in, no timing info...when I asked what something meant (a big change is coming- what is the change?) she seemed to get frustrated with me. Ok as a general tarot reading, but didn't way too vague to give me any comfort or clairty.

Lily From Australia On 08/06/2021

Telepathic connection

Helpful and non-judgment re above subject. Thanks so much.

Clare From On 19/05/2021


Just had a reading with Pauline and was so impressed by her. She was spot on and so kind when speaking to her, bless her as I have to admit, I was very frustrated when I called her xx Pauline Thank you very much

Carrie From Uk On 27/02/2021

Spot on

Lovely warm reader Straight to the point an very accurate with present situation & able to give me clarity an predictions Worth the call

Lin From Uk On 23/01/2021

Very good

I’ve spoken to Pauline a couple of times over the last couple of months and the first time I spoke to her she was able to validate the name of the person in question. Her predictions haven’t yet come to pass but were further into this year so we will have to wait and see.

From UK On 18/01/2021


Had a lovely very accurate reading from Pauline this evening. Give her a call, she's definitely worth it. Xx

From Kent On 02/01/2021

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Pauline - 2335

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