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I have been a psychic and tarot reader for over 15 years, I also work with oracle cards and crystals to add more depth to a reading. If you would like a reading with your love life, career, family or a general reading on any question you may need answering I'm hear to give you a non-judgemental calming psychic and tarot reading. PIN: 2420



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Great reader

Gives you lots of information and is accurate. Give a her a try you won’t regret it. Thank you for the reading sorry my minutes ran out. I will be back!

S From United Kingdom On 18/01/2022

She does connect but very difficult to grasp what she says have to listen very carefully as she speaks very fast

From On 06/01/2022

PLEASE POST!!! Absolute Gem She is!!

She connected with the spirit of my brother and gave me his name correct ( I never told her his name) and gave mea future info that he was congratulating me for an achievement. Two weeks later I got a double promotion! I believe my deceased brother came to say hello to me through her. What an incredible and spiritual person she is! Also I've had her reading 6 times now, every time she picks up current situation from my life without me prompting. She keep me amazed by her reading.. Love her!

Anuradha From UK On 19/11/2021


She did pick up the essence of the SP but struggled to understand her abs she talks very fast so had to keep asking her what she’s Audi- saying that , it was very helpful on some advice that made sense - so I know how to approach the next meeting thank you and blessings

R From Uk On 19/11/2021


She downloads very fast, you have to listen! She picks up very well,

From Ldn On 19/10/2021

Very difficult to understand speaks very quickly and asks herself lots of questions

Kate From England On 19/10/2021


I really wish I could have heard every word clearly. It was hard to understand as the line was muffled and she speaks quickly. From what I could hear she’s very accurate and she’s speaks quickly because the information just flows. She said things which were very accurate. I would live to have a long reading with her where I could hear every word.

Helen From Australia On 12/10/2021


She is Blooooming fantastic! Try her she blew my mind with some very accurate facts !!

Aussie Girl From Australia On 09/10/2021

Absolutely fantastic

She was spot on , so much truth about my person of interest unbelievable. She said a few things , but to me there was no way she would know this if she didn’t have a gift . Thank you you helped my confidence in the situation!!

Aussie chick From Australia On 17/09/2021

A Psychic Detective

Second reading with Empress and like before, she blew my mind!! No question asked to me and she picked up the difficult past of my life, present and the upcoming future. She digs deeper into the situation by herself which I absolutely love about her. I didn't have to ask any question, she kept looking for things deeper and deeper which I thoroughly enjoyed. She is not a psychic, she is a psychic detective!! Please be online more empress, you are difficult to get a a hold of.

Anuradha From UK On 04/09/2021

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