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I have been a psychic and tarot reader for over 15 years, I also work with oracle cards and crystals to add more depth to a reading. If you would like a reading with your love life, career, family or a general reading on any question you may need answering I'm hear to give you a non-judgemental calming psychic and tarot reading. PIN: 2420



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Pls post this

It's so hard to hear what she says I kept on asking her to repeat and then she muffles.

Phiwo From England On 22/04/2022


Empress's predictions came to pass every time she predicted something. Been getting readings from her for last one year. My god she blows my mind! Not just this, she picks up the past and present 100% correctly! Absolutely love her psychic ability!

Anuradha From UK On 23/03/2022

Please post for fairness

Could not hear her and had yo ask several times. Was speaking very low and muffled

Anna From London On 12/02/2022

Amazing accurate and no messing

I read the reviews and thought I’d give empress a call. I 100% agree with reviews here, empress wastes no time, tunes right into past present and asks the universe how to move forward in the future. Empress gave an accurate description of my connection and did not prompt me for information. Concise, clear and factual. Thank you Empress I will contact you again and highly recommend to others seeking clarity on affairs of the heart xxx

LD From Uk On 05/02/2022


Oh my, I was blown away by her reading. She picked past and present so well. I agree she downloads information so fast. Kinda made me wish there was a way of recording my reading because there was do much infor and I mean so much information. She's good. Let's see how her future predictions turn out. Thanks Empress x

C From UK On 04/02/2022

Great reader

Gives you lots of information and is accurate. Give a her a try you won’t regret it. Thank you for the reading sorry my minutes ran out. I will be back!

S From United Kingdom On 18/01/2022

She does connect but very difficult to grasp what she says have to listen very carefully as she speaks very fast

From On 06/01/2022

PLEASE POST!!! Absolute Gem She is!!

She connected with the spirit of my brother and gave me his name correct ( I never told her his name) and gave mea future info that he was congratulating me for an achievement. Two weeks later I got a double promotion! I believe my deceased brother came to say hello to me through her. What an incredible and spiritual person she is! Also I've had her reading 6 times now, every time she picks up current situation from my life without me prompting. She keep me amazed by her reading.. Love her!

Anuradha From UK On 19/11/2021


She did pick up the essence of the SP but struggled to understand her abs she talks very fast so had to keep asking her what she’s Audi- saying that , it was very helpful on some advice that made sense - so I know how to approach the next meeting thank you and blessings

R From Uk On 19/11/2021


She downloads very fast, you have to listen! She picks up very well,

From Ldn On 19/10/2021

Very difficult to understand speaks very quickly and asks herself lots of questions

Kate From England On 19/10/2021


I really wish I could have heard every word clearly. It was hard to understand as the line was muffled and she speaks quickly. From what I could hear she’s very accurate and she’s speaks quickly because the information just flows. She said things which were very accurate. I would live to have a long reading with her where I could hear every word.

Helen From Australia On 12/10/2021


She is Blooooming fantastic! Try her she blew my mind with some very accurate facts !!

Aussie Girl From Australia On 09/10/2021

Absolutely fantastic

She was spot on , so much truth about my person of interest unbelievable. She said a few things , but to me there was no way she would know this if she didn’t have a gift . Thank you you helped my confidence in the situation!!

Aussie chick From Australia On 17/09/2021

A Psychic Detective

Second reading with Empress and like before, she blew my mind!! No question asked to me and she picked up the difficult past of my life, present and the upcoming future. She digs deeper into the situation by herself which I absolutely love about her. I didn't have to ask any question, she kept looking for things deeper and deeper which I thoroughly enjoyed. She is not a psychic, she is a psychic detective!! Please be online more empress, you are difficult to get a a hold of.

Anuradha From UK On 04/09/2021


I’m not sure why there are these negative reviews. She was so spot on with me , connected really well and gave absolutely incredible info on my POI ! Thanks . Give her a try !

Brianna From Aus On 03/09/2021


Connected brilliantly and was able to tune into my situation very well . Gave clarity and was concise . She got my POI spot on . Great reading ! Thanks

Pree From Australia On 17/08/2021

Rude and insulting

Becomes offensive if you say what she has said is not accurate . Personally attacks and insults you. Very difficult to understand as swallows her words and speaks very quickly. Does get some info right but not worth the download side of her nature as a reader. Keeps reading and asks her own questions over and over again like a rob away train about things you never asked her to look into. Please post as customers need to know before they use her services as a reader.

J From UK On 17/07/2021

Sooo hard to understand her

Sara From England On 10/07/2021

Thank you so much

Hello, I’m sorry I cut off but I want to thank you so much. You are absolutely amazing, I will be calling back soon!

O From Kent On 26/06/2021


Oh my! She picked up every little details from my life, like every single details. I am blown away by her reading. THANKS a lot Empress, you have navigated my complicated life with you such valuable advice. You are doing us favour and you are TRULY gifted. I'll be back to you again for sure.

Anuradha From UK On 09/06/2021

Knows a lot

Not sure if predictions will come to pass - that goes for all readers, but was really detailed oriented about things she couldn’t have know, no info given and she doesn’t sugar coat just says it as it is, give her a go definitely you won’t be wasting your money she’s great!

Barbara From Australia On 09/04/2021

The best

She is the best hands down no info given she knows everything on point dates on point am happy for my reading many thanks

Jj From Birmingham On 06/03/2021

From On 05/03/2021


Had a few readings with this woman and i must say she is a phenomenal reader!!

Lorraine From On 20/12/2020

The real deal!!!

No time wasting & accurate!

Ebony From London On 24/08/2020


Empress read with so much accuracy I was nearly in tears. She took a weight of my shoulders and gave understanding to a most complicated situation. She read with so much detail and accuracy it was incredible. Fine details no one could possibly be aware of. Absolutely one of the most incredible experiences! Please give Empress a go especially if you have a complicated situation and want to know the reality of it all without sugar costing. Honestly amazing and as a fellow reader, I will definitely go back.

D From Australia On 03/08/2020


Lost for words! So informative, picked up on my past and current situation. Will definitely be speaking to her again. Thank you for clarifying everything.

Jackie From London On 29/07/2020


I haven’t had a reading with this lady before so decided to give her a go! I don’t know how she does it but she is simply phenomenal. No time wasting ... straight in and is simply amazing. Thank you Empress - you are without a date one if not the top reader on here. Will wait for my predictions to come to fruition.... wish you was on here more x

Sue From England On 24/06/2020

An Incredible reader!

Empress got straight into the reading. But more importantly and even more impressively, she spoke about my past and my present situation with total accuracy. Now that is exactly what we call for but rarely get.I cannot give this lady enough praise. She's truly gifted xoxoxo

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 29/02/2020

Not sure

She seemed too sure of herself. Almost arrogant - would hardly recognise my input and then suggested her cards were mire valid than my experience.

Chris From London On 31/01/2020


U are definitely not a psychic ,just making up lies, pls giys dot waste your money this is just a waste of money and time

Phiwo From London On 12/01/2020


Thank you Empressfor an extensive reading. You provided a lot of clarity and insight as to past,present & future on many levels. I am sorry I hot cut off. I look forward to touching base with you again soon.

Carol From On 28/12/2019

More than imagined!!

Every question I could have thought of was answered without me asking. I simply asked for a reading between myself and my guy and she took off! Hitting my exact emotions, his exact actions. Words cannot express how impressed I am with this reading! She knows her cards. Must call her. You will not be dissappointed

Stacy From United States On 14/09/2019


Empress thank you.I ask you and you ask the card out loud together we get the answers. Wow I love this lady.She does NOT give her opinion just the facts.Fast and accurate facts .Thanks you need to be online more .

Melissa From Western Australia On 22/03/2019

Very good indeed

Shed light on the situation - explained the other person's thoughts and intentions. Pleased to have insight and warnings as to how things sit. Many thanks.

Libran From Aus On 23/02/2019


She’s a freak! Literally on the phone to her typing this. Thank you Nat

From On 16/02/2019

Spot on!!!

Amazing fluff no nonsense absolutely spot on!!!! Thank you xxxxxx

Marie From UK On 09/02/2019


I am impressed with the validation of my situation. I will update when the prediction comes to fruition. Highly recommended.

M From London On 02/11/2018


She can READ the tarot cards. A true specialist. Ring her, and see for yourselves. D/LONDON

From On 07/07/2018


a true tarot reader. Tells the truth. Very accurate. Really good. CALL Empress and see for yourself. GOD BLESS YOU XXX

dovile From london On 07/07/2018

Spot on

I really like the reading i had today I hope for the predictions to pass i will let you know xx

Maria From United Kingdom On 09/09/2017


I rang on a whim, you will not be disappointed. No waffle or questions, she went straight into my relasionship. I was blown away by her talent. She's a true reader, will not waste your time.

Linda From London On 07/01/2017

Amazing Reader

I was randomly put through to Empress and astonished at her accuracy no questions asked staight in told me about my situation and correct. Ive had loads of readings and still felt id not got proper answers this reader gave me answers and predictions i felf very grateful and my mind put at rest and wished id got Empress after spending so much on other readers.... Thank you hope i can come to you againxxxx

Michele From Essex On 10/12/2016


She was quick, kind and accurate. She really gave the clarity I needed about a particular person/situation..Thanks so much. xo

Debbie From New York On 29/10/2016


My wish is that we could talk all day, you are awesome, always very accurate. Thank You so much for make me feeling so positive, you make me smile :-))

Sema from USA From CA On 03/09/2016

Very impressed

I'm sorry we got cut off. You were really amazing! You truly went beyond the call of duty for my reading and I appreciate your hard work and honestly. Thank you so much xxxxx!

Katianna From USA On 20/08/2016

Fast and accurate

Thanks Empress for being there for me. Crawling through a painful time in my life but happy to hear that I'm moving in the right direction. Empress was able to read my situation very well and validated my intuition on a certain matter. I'm slowly wading through the confusion but thanks to Empress and all the lovely readers on this site, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Xx

Gem From Scotland On 21/05/2016


I'm sorry we got cut off. Will call back again. You are so amazing! Only 4 minutes and you covered my issue very quickly! You don't know how much I really appreciate that. You tapped into something one else could. I hope to see you more often on this line as I would love to have more readings with you! Thank you for not waiting my time! You are extremely gifted and reliable! God bless you! I will remain calm during my time of trouble. Sending all my love

Katianna From USA On 14/05/2016


What a gifted person,This reader is clear,direct and kind.She does not waist time in getting answers for you,really helps to clarify issues. I was impressed!

Lesley From Glasgow On 02/02/2016


Thanks so much Empress for a great reading you were spot on with what's troubling me! Waiting for your predictions to come to fruition!! Many thanks and will definitely stop worrying your a star xxoo

J From A On 23/01/2016

Accurate and Amazing Reader!

This lady really knows how to read the cards. I called her about a certain thing in my life and she predicted a timescale of 1 day or 1 week. Before the reading I was feeling very upset, hurt and tearful. Empress was non-judgmental, professional and she gave me hope that things would go my way. I felt so much better after talking to her and she certainly is one of the best readers I have spoken too. Her predication came true today and I got a call in 1 day. This lady is so accurate and I loved that she got some more cards out especially for me. Thank you Empress xx

Amisha From Leicester On 19/12/2015


Just had a reading with this lady and she was 100% accurate. Very trusting, caring and friendly.

Bali From Nottingham On 12/12/2015


I have just had a reading with this lady and she is 100% spot on. I would definitely recommend her. Everything I needed clarity on, she confirmed it, absolutely amazing and such an impressive reading. All I can say is that she is an awesome wonder and her reading was definitely a light at the end of a dark tunnel. A lovely, lovely lady.

Charlene Roberts From London On 14/11/2015


Excellent compassionate truthfu l Beautiful reading today thank you for all the clarity xxxx

miss mandy alderson From teesside On 12/10/2015

Intense Reading

A real deep reading with this woman, the vast majority of things she was saying tome seemed to click in to place - Pretty impressed!

danny From Glamorgon On 30/11/-0001

Very Accurate

When I spoke to Empress i was amazed about how accurate her reading was about me and what i was going through at the moment. I definitely recommend her!

Rebecca From Gloucestershire On 30/11/-0001

Worth your time and money!

Called her as I hadn't seen her online before. I was highly impressed. There was no time wasting just straight to your questions with detailed answers. I liked how I was in control reading and she was spot on. No waffling or random guessing, felt like I was talking to a good friend. So easy to connect with on many levels. I liked this lady I felt I just had to leave a review. Brought clarity to a complex situation with understanding of how things could will develop.the choices available not the road you should or have to take. Give her a call!

S From On 30/11/-0001

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