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I am Angelica an intuitive/spiritual counselor and a Certified Angel Tarot and Angel Oracle card reader. I combine professional skillful; intuitive in depth card reading with my array of E.S.P. multi-faceted natural spiritual abilities; including telepathy; I am a natural psychic; clairsentient healer and much more. I am an assuring; calm; caring; compassionate and non-judgmental person. PIN: 2534



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am an intuitive/spiritual counsellor and a Certified Angel Tarot and Angel Oracle card reader. I combine professional skillful; intuitive in depth card reading with my array of E.S.P. multi-faceted natural spiritual abilities; including telepathy; I am a natural psychic; clairsentient healer and much more; I find clairsentience acts like a map to the other ‘Clair’s’ which I have experienced; With the Angels and spirit only being a breath away. I am an assuring; calm; caring; compassionate and non-judgmental person; who can always naturally assist others and give crystal clear insight into any issue. No problem can be thought of as too small or big; and when shared; is a problem halved. So if you are facing any issues, let’s share them together; and transform and overcome them. With my all round abilities and experience; I will be able to give you a high quality detailed and in depth reading.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My strengths are my really high level of sensitivity; which I channel in order to assist with ANY issue; including love; relationships; spiritual growth; career and life purpose; dreams; well being and any other issue; as my skills and abilities and gifts are flexible and resilient and I can adapt to whatever issue I am faced with. I use my dominant ‘Clair’ of Clairsentience to sense and feel the emotions; issues and problems coupled with my natural psychic abilities and I have a range of other abilities and experience of the other ‘Clair’s’ and they can also be utilized where appropriate. I have worked much with my dreams of both past present and future; therefore I can offer skillful and empowering dream interpretation; also tailored to each unique individual and their circumstances. I assist callers to access their inner strength and power to overcome life issues and situations in a clear and insightful way. I will shine clarity and light on appropriate paths to callers; so that they are then empowered to make the right decisions and choices leading to more positivity, inner peace and well being.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have recognised my spiritual/psychic ability for as long as I can remember. I noticed ESP etc. first as young child. My mother is very psychic and has a wide range of gifts and abilities; which I also posses. I found listening to my mother’s psychic/ spiritual experiences and stories made me reflect and realise through experience; that I was also naturally gifted and that it was all within me already from birth; and therefore I allowed myself to develop further very naturally. A very long time ago my innate sensitivity and skills led me on a journey of profound personal development and spiritual growth and I have had many Angelic/ spiritual/psychic/dream E.S.P. paranormal experiences; for a very long time. I have paid attention to my dreams; of which I have had many different types for over 30 years. I have allowed myself to develop naturally like a plant and I prefer not to label every ability with names; as I feel that some things go beyond words; as abilities cannot always be merely separated into labels; like the vast pool of awareness and consciousness. I can explain this by saying; there is a oneness and interconnectedness to all life and our consciousness and awareness is like this; which includes our abilities and gifts. There is no separation; all gifts and abilities are as one; whatever they are called. I am a natural healer and all my other abilities; spring completely naturally; so that is why I say I am a natural.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

As an intuitive/spiritual counsellor; I am very spiritually aware person; who has a heart full of love. I am a compassionate and empathic person who is totally non-judgemental. Only love heals and can open many doors. I surround my callers in a heart shaped bubble of pure love; the colour of rose quartz. I really care deeply about my callers and I actively listen and give them my dedicated full attention. I have studied Person-Centred Counselling and along with my own life experience; both in this lifetime and other lifetimes; really enables me to understand absolutely anything. I can offer intuitive counselling using a wide variety of tools and abilities. I am a good listener who is really caring; warm and empathetic and non-judgmental. Like a flowing river; my life; led me on a path of personal self-development and spiritual growth. Due; to my over 30 year of dreamworking; I can do dreamwork with you and assist your unconscious become conscious; in order that you can make long term and in depth positive changes. My meditation and mindfulness practice gives further clarity in readings. I am able to understand all situations and issues and skillfully give insight with them. I integrate all readings with spiritual counselling to truly assist people to overcome their difficulties in order to heal and empower; both them and their lives. I can also offer creative and imaginative therapeutic solutions and guide you through it; including art; creative writing; journaling; voice-work and any other creative expressive art; as I studied fine art and have utilised all the expressive arts in a therapeutic way. I feel that we are all amazing and have huge potential and I can assist and enable you to further realise your amazing- ness!

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In depth insight

So helpful - thank you Angelica!! Really understanding reading which helped empower me.I’m very grateful

Caroline From France On 22/01/2022

Very insightful

Angelica picked up on my circumstances immediately. She is absolutely sincere and an all round lovely lady. I recommend giving her a call.

Bette From AUS On 08/01/2022


ok until she started putting her own thoughts in, I never asked for that, so rang off, waste of money when they do that, please put out for balance3

From On 01/01/2022


Hi Angelica, it was so good to speak to you remembered so much about my last conversation with you some months ago where I asked you about my Son. Thank you for your very accurate reading this evening, I really enjoyed talking to you. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family xx

Carrie From Kent On 20/12/2021

The best

Angela you’re my Angel. Thank you for everything xxx

Jeyda From London On 06/12/2021


Amazing! To the tears Thank you

F From On 10/07/2021

Very Good, no cards used

I asked Angelica to give me a psychic reading without cards. She did and it was very well delivered. Angelica picked up on key areas and her reading was in line with other very good readers on this site. She was kind, calm and warm. Give her a call :)

Anonymous From Australia On 27/06/2021


Hmmm was a general reading not much of a psychic reading.

Jess From Walsall On 05/06/2021

From On 29/05/2021


Sorry the phone cut off. I had a lovely conversation with Angelica and I resonated with everything she said. Will talk to you again in the future. Much love x x x

Chan From London On 21/11/2020

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