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I am a natural Clairvoyant and medium and descend from a long line of psychics. I have over 35 years experience in the field.I have done thousands of readings over the years both privately and touring with Psychic Fairs and have also given live Clairvoyant and Psychometric Demonstrations.In my readings I work with Tarot Cards, the Crystal Ball and my natural ability to give you an in-depth reading that provides positive direction and guidance. PIN: 2536



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A few readings regarding a number of issues. Thoughtful responses.

P From Midlands On 21/10/2021

There are no words! Five star+

One of the most extraordinary accurate reads I’ve ever had! Anastasia read with such clarity and detail on an extremely complicated situation. I hope I have an opportunity to have a read with Anastasia again. Thank you! Bless

DP From Australia On 11/10/2021


Always tunes in , everything resonates with what im thinking and is very calming and reassuring. Thank you

A From BUCKS On 09/10/2021


Good reader! X

Starry From London On 08/10/2021

Very Accurate Psychic

Thanks Anastasia. Excellent accurate psychic reading and very helpful.

Chris From London On 22/08/2021


Amazed to have got through to Anastasia and boy did she deliver. The only reader to pick up that I have two POIs and distinguish between them so accurately. Thank you so much for the guidance, you confirmed what I was already thinking. Looking forward to the predictions happening. ❤

A From Brum On 22/08/2021

Great Accurate reading

Was lovely & Accurate reading from Anastasia, definitely will contact her again for future readings

Choi From London On 05/08/2021


Thank you for a hopeful reading! So sorry the phone cut out! Will try get hold of you again!

Jade From London On 14/06/2021

Great but………….

A fantastic reader tunes in very well but people should be given a chance. On several occasions I’ve tried to get hold of Anastasia, unfortunately she is taken by those requiring 3 hour readings, which is ridiculous. My readings may last from 20 to 45 minutes but 2 to 3 hour readings back to back is a bit extreme. Trusted Psychics should give certain individuals a limit and free up calls, however free to come back should they require further insight at anytime rather than hold up the entire call depriving everyone from a reading. It’s a bit selfish to take up a reader for that length of time to discuss your entire life. Others are entitled for a reading too. Their calls may last 20 to half an hour then ended. Please start putting limits on calls so everyone gets an opportunity to talk to their favourite readers.

Chaz From London On 13/06/2021

Absolutely amazing

Anastasia is amazing!!! She picked up on everything I had an issue and her prediction was spot on! She is kind and speaks so gentle! Thank you

Tatum From Australia On 22/04/2021

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Anastasia - 2536

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