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Hello, you're through to Sadie. I very much look forward to sharing my spiritual wisdom with you. I am helped, assisted and guided by the spirit world and angel realms. I will give you a sincere and in depth reading, that I hope helps to enrich, enlighten, and empower your life to steer you in a positive direction from here on. PIN: 3431



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am an extremely gifted Psychic reader with an excellent spiritual connection ready to explore every aspect of your life. Now matter what you are facing In terms of problems or dilemmas, I have the powers to call upon to find the answers for you to achieve your dreams.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am a expert Psychic reader and my strength lies within interpreting the Angel cards and giving strong and positive answers to any questions asked of me. As I read for you, I will send positive Psychic vibrations to your aura to help find love and light.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have always been in tune with my surroundings and had the ability to see situations clearly. As I have got older, my powers have flourished and I am now able to use them and call upon my skills when I need to.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am helped, assisted and guided by the spirit world and angel realms. I will give you a sincere and in depth reading, that I hope helps to enrich, enlighten, and empower your life to steer you in a positive direction from here on.

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Blimey thank you very very much, very impressed, clever Lady, you got names and dates, now once again I play the waiting game, but hey ho you were so right on every thing so I guess you will be right on timing, Thank you Sadie x

Margaret From East Anglia On 24/11/2021


Really good reading thank you

Lisa From Edinburgh On 18/11/2021

Just incredible talent

Sadie is absolutely the most talented psychic there is on this site ! She was spot on . Over 3 months she told me he would come back , she said I should not make contact , he literally came back in the time frame she had predicted. Outstanding predictions. Thanks Sadie you are my go to lady !

Savvy From Australia On 02/11/2021

Blown Away

Got through to Sadie randomly. Completely blown away. Picked up spot-on my boyfriend's date of birth and later in the readings, the names of two neighbours who she said were bullying me. I had not planned to mention them, did not mention them and have never revealed their names to any psychic on the Trusted Psychics line. How could she have known? Sadie is truly gifted. Best reading I have ever had. She gave realistic predictions, which were comforting. I have no doubt she has a 'direct line' to spirit. At one point, I started crying - because she picked up on something dear to my heart that I do not talk about. (Hope it comes true.) Not only a very gifted reader but a compassionate, down to earth, understanding person who does not judge - (very much comes across in her voice.) Absolutely one hundred per cent. I hope to connect with Sadie again but if I don't, I will never forget her and the reading she gave me. Thank you so much, Sadie. ❤️

Elizabeth From London On 20/10/2021

Always brilliant!

A read with Sadie is always one of much clarity and accuracy. There is no sugar coating nor wasting of time; Sadie goes straight to the point and guides you to an understanding with amazing skill and accuracy. Sadie has always provided msgs that have been accurate, and predictions that have unfolded. It has taken me sometime to get on to Sadie, though this time when fortunate enough, it was at a time when her guidance was much needed. Sadie, I appreciate your supportive guidance so much.

Two D From Australia On 19/10/2021


I don't usually leave reviews, but this lady is absolutely amazing. A lovely lady so nice to speak to and she does not sugar coat.

T From London On 14/10/2021

I understand why she’s always busy.

She was eerily accurate. Validated so much personal information without me saying a word about me and persons of interest. Crazy!!!! Never seen anything like it before in my life on this level from a reader before. Truly gifted!!! Thank you SO much, Sadie. God bless you and I have faith everything you’ve predicted shall come to pass. God truly bless you and thank you for sharing your gift with me.

J From On 12/10/2021


Who said Sadie wasn’t good on messenger well what can I say she is even better. Gave me info the day which was to the T… keep hold of your strong powers asafue. You were right K is jealous of my ex…

Kamari From Kent On 10/10/2021


I don’t write reviews but this lady is awesome she got the date I met my person of interest month and year , she got star signs , initials and totally understood the situation , I really hope the prediction happens but at least she has given me hope,this lady will blow you away , your totally amazing Sadie x

Eleanor From Scotland On 21/09/2021

Absolutely incredible

Another amazing reading, i mentioned my classic vehicle and she said she picked up that numbers from the registration would add up to nine (454) and that if she looked out in her garden she saw two things beginning with B (a butterfly and a BEE) - the registration starts with a B and ends in B . im amazed.

A From BUCKS On 16/09/2021

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