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I have provided readings for over 8 years using my Animal cards to give insight and clarity in many situations that you may be struggling with. I also use other oracle or tarot cards and use the pendulum often for simple yes/no answers. I often pick up on spirit when they are around and will give you this if it happens during your reading. I can offer non judgemental insight in many areas of your life. PIN: 3919



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

When I first started reading I could not get into using the tarot - but was drawn to animals which I love and have been using the same deck for over 15 years. I start each reading using these and will often use other tarot decks or oracles if i feel more information is needed. I do use my pendulum often as have found it works well for simple yes no answers or just to test the energy around the situation and have done complete readings at the callers request just using the pendulum .


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities around 17 years ago when I had an experience of seeing and hearing spirit with a message to pass on. I didn't feel scared, just blessed that I had been chosen to do this. I then looked for ways to develop my gifts and then met my late husband who had been psychic from birth and taught me and encouraged me to use my abilities to strengthen them and grow. I have had many life experiences which I can empathise with and use to give clarity to others.

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Top Reader

You are really a top reader thank you

barbara From Australia On 20/01/2021


This lady was wise, honest and optimistic. She had a clear perspective and guidance so that I was left as if I can kid make my decisions with the insight. Thank you

Shab From Birmingham On 06/12/2020

Very good reading today, many thanks 29/11/20

Susan From On 29/11/2020

Amazing reader

This Lady is absolutely gifted, This lady was spot on for the past and current situation, therefore is giving me assurance for upcoming future. Many thanks

Tony From London On 17/11/2020

Beautiful reading

Put my mind at ease, thank you, I look forward to calling back.

From On 11/10/2020

Nice reading

Mayx From London On 27/09/2020

Super Great

Great gifted , I highly recommend Gentlerain, thank you, sweetie

From Australia On 16/09/2020

Great Wonderfully Psychic

Top psychic ,very gifted, thank you

From Australia On 16/09/2020


Great reader very gifted from another psychic Thank you

barbara From Australia On 06/09/2020


I enjoyed my reading with this lovely lady this morning, clear and concise. Gave detailed information and predictions for the future.

Clair From UK On 30/08/2020

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