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I've always been intuitive but a friend of mine found some tarot cards and gifted them to me and I found that I was able to read them naturally. I have been reading for friends and family and I have now expanded to using a combination of decks. I am also an empath and I can pick up on people's hurt and that makes me very compassionate and non judgement to anyone I'm reading for. I am also a good listener and I like discussing topics about spirituality and life in general. PIN: 4243



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I spoke with Ann for the first time a couple of weeks ago and asked for a reading around my ex and a job I had recently interviewed for. She told me that I would get the job but that something would come up later in the year that would be much better, I just today found out that I didn't get the job so you were spot on in your predictions. Just hoping that the predictions you made for my ex and me come to true now! She really is an amazing reader and picks up on even the smallest details with little to no information from me! I will definitely be back for another reading!

A From UK On 05/10/2021

The best

I always look at the number of reviews and I have spoken pretty much all of the readers who high numbers of reviews on this site and ANN is the best to all of the readers I have spoken to! I am not going into details but all the good reviews you read about her is very true! She is the only reader out of hundreds here that I spoke to that I have to top up 5x I think or more thats how good and accurate she is!

C From London On 09/09/2021

A Spiritual reading

This one's a bit underrated but she picked up well, also liked her tone, humble. kind. her spirit message was to let go of someone, it was hard to accept but found out she's moved back in with her ex, another reading might help clear my head. Speak soon.

C From Hertfordshire On 23/08/2021

the best reader in Trusted Psychics

I had a very long reading from Ann, she is such a lovely lady with amazing abilities.. I think she is the best reader in this website. She could really read my life and my ex boyfriend without asking any questions

Debbie From London On 07/05/2021


Hi I got the job like u said. thanks

Rima From SE On 15/03/2021

Really lovely lady! Brilliant reader

Thank you Ann you are beautiful person it was great to connect with you definitely recommending this lady! Love & light Nikola

From On 13/02/2021


She was brilliant on my first reading, 2nd was different.. excuse was "sometimes it doesn't show in the cards" ?? It went from there was no one around my POI to that he'd been seeing something for 3 months lol. make of that what you will

From On 07/02/2021

Come Back

Please come back on I want to speak to you, your so hard to get a hold of

N From Melbourne On 26/12/2020

True Psychic

Ann is the best psychic I have recently because of her accuracy and integrity. She doesn't prompt any questions or need conversations for assurance. Her readings are indept and spot-on. Many thanks x

Paula From UK On 05/12/2020

Amazing Reader

Ann was so caring & reassuring on the phone. She gave me so much information on my situation. I’m looking forward to the predictions. I will be going to her again in the future.

Tina From Uk On 21/08/2020

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