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I have over 20 years experience and a multi gifted psychic who has a rare ability to look into past lives and Karmic Blockages. I am very fast with delivering information and can answer questions within seconds using no tools. If you prefer I read 7 different card packs. My readings are very educational and insightful as I looks into the deeper levels of spirituality, the meaning of life and the lessons we are here to learn. PIN: 5282



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I also have experience in Life Coaching, Counselling, Energy Healing and Clearing, Stress Management, Interprets Dreams, Love and Relationships, Finding your Soul Mate, Career and finances, Psychic Medium and Pet Psychic. You can expect to have a compassionate, non judgemental but straight to the point reading. I do not sugar coat. Everything happens for a reason its not by chance our paths have crossed.


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I feel her reading are very strong and accurate for me , I feel like I have a good friend in her when I speak to her feel connected straight away thanks u hun xx ❤️

Naz From London On 01/06/2021


Say what you will, Mystic Rose is THE MVP, and the realest on this site. I am so grateful for our connection, I feel bad my minutes ran out, but I am entirely grateful for EVERYTHING you are. I can’t wait to call you again, just for another catch up. I would call just to speak with you about the 3-5D. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so patient and so honest with me about it all~

Jenny From LA On 19/05/2021


She is a brilliant reader. Give her a try you won't regret it.

Lin From On 02/03/2021

she ended the call!

after i stated that i wanted a ‘general reading’ she replied that she can’t feel a connection and doesn’t want to waste my time. she didn’t even try

From On 25/02/2021

Really not great

Didn’t give me anything specific. Just chatted it was more of a general conversation

Emma From Scotland On 20/12/2020


She helped me in the hardest . As a reader myself , I can appreciate the detail and the honestly . Also she and connect so well and I can tell she truly cares about all of us . Thank you

Kayla From On 25/11/2020

Prediction Came True!!!

I was looking back at my notes from December 2019 when I had my last call with Mystic Rose and on there she predicted that my POI at the time had feelings for me but was dating another. That he would not make a move on me but would continue flirting (which happened). At the time I didn't believe her and was dismissive of my reading. Reflecting back I wish I had listened to her because she was one of the only readers that was honest and told me this. She also made a prediction that I would meet someone this year (which I did and it happened during the time period she mentioned on our call). I decided to give her a call today to look at my career and love life. Both readings resonated and I look forward to the new predictions made. Thanks Mystic Rose.

Emmanuella From UK On 23/11/2020

Good value for money!

Great connection! I'm so glad I called very informative and gave accurate information with out asking questions.

Mike From Essex On 23/11/2020

Kind and Friendly

Mystic Rose is a very kind sweet person I would highly recommend. She is fast with her delivery and does not use tools or need any information. I am blown away by her accuracy.

Joe From USA On 21/11/2020

Don’t waste your money and time!

She’s very cold and when you question her reading or if they don’t tally with what’s going on, she is rude and agressive

From On 19/11/2020

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