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My gift was discovered when I was about three years old. Since then I have been doing random readings for family and friends as well as on a professional level. My areas of expertise are daily spiritual insight which is normally in the form of picking up on your aura as I chat to you. I also do dream interpretation, love, relationships and family issues. PIN: 8011



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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My main area of specialism is spiritual insight and I normally do it by picking on your aura.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I am told that my gift was discovered at around the age of three when I stopped my father from going on a trip of which he lost three of his friends who had insisted on going.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I get on well with people from a whole diverse range of backgrounds. My non judgemental and unassuming approach to situations enables me to gain trust and confidence from my clients and I am very strict with maintenance of confidentiality

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First reading was great after that the readings stopped making sense then came 50/50 chances no predictions have come to light.

From On 27/02/2021

so gifted

A sister and a friend that I've not seen thats how I feel when m talking with u ,Rosalia thank you for what u do dear u helped me in a way that u wouldn't understand even if I tell u . GUYS this lady sees beyond and she is very gifted thumbs up to u my gal

Phiwo From England On 23/02/2021

Blown away

Rosalia had blown me away with her accurate reading. She told me the first letters of the person I was asking about. She is amazing and do nice to talk to. Waiting for the predictions to come true

I From Uk On 19/02/2021


She spoke of things only known by my parents and they confirmed that she was right. She is gifted that’s for sure. I am so grateful for the readings ,the laughter and advice. Unfortunately The main reason why I called in 2019 was to know if this guy would contact me. It turns out that the opposite is true. He isn’t going to be in touch. Rosalia readings were always positive but I guess life does happen. People change. I’ll be ok.

S From Birmingham On 06/02/2021


Amazing!!! What can I say?! You explained the situation without even knowing it and the best thing is that you explained it better then how I saw the situation. Can’t wait to have more readings with you! Xxx

Sophie From London On 31/01/2021

Post my review !!

Rosalia does pick up the situation but does Over exaggerate it.. none of her predictions have come to pass actually the opposite has happened. Sorry I have to say it like it is! Won’t be speaking to her anymore.

B From Leicester On 24/01/2021


Rosalia is really good at picking up the situation and at validating but her future predictions are totally off. I have spoken to rosalia on and off for a year now and nothing she predicted has come true. Yes she doesn’t like giving timings but what she sees is for to happen that year and nothing happened. Nice person though.

UK From Anon On 12/01/2021

so gifted and I believe in u 100% cause most of what u said few months back about my family its unfolding just as u said it thank you so much for your patience and for being there for me during the tough 2020 u gave me so much hope when I was really down and hopeless luv u

Phiwo From manchester On 02/01/2021


Had a few readings, can be really good but then conflicting. Last reading was so general it could be told to anyone. Felt like I wasted my minutes. Sorry

C From On 23/12/2020

Lovely but general

Rosalia is lovely and very warm but based on reviews I expected so much from my reading, however, all I got was that there seemed to be no problem with the POI and everything would be just fine, no details or much insight was given. A month on, nothing happened so I don't know what to think..

From On 22/12/2020

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