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I use Tarot and Osho cards interpretation and their wise advice. I am kind, direct, caring and professional. I tune into people's emotions through attentive listening and deep perception. I started a long time ago with general Tarot readings for my family and friends, and with time I became an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with more then 15 years of experience. PIN: 8113



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One word…amazing. What a gifted lady. She was able to tell me everything going on with only knowing my name and date of birth. She gave me a lot of peace. I cannot wait to speak with her again.

Bronagh From Ireland On 21/11/2021

My Fairy God Mother!

I absolutely love this woman. She is so detailed, so compassionate and her energy is GOLD. Thank you Sunray, I’ll keep you in the loop with all that’s to come!!!!!

JEN From LA On 13/09/2021


Thank you Sunray for another amazing reading. I have spoken to Sunray a few times and she is always concise, spot on and very comforting. One of the best readers in this site and a genuinely lovely person. Thank you xx

C From Midlands On 07/08/2021

Astounding & Exceptional

Simply blown away with the level of information & details from Sunray. The reading was honest, no guessing or leading questions and powerful spiritual guidance for moving ahead. Sending heartfelt gratitude to a lovely lady who is gifted and kind. Thank you. Highly recommended.

Usha G From London On 30/07/2021


I have just had the most incredible messenger reading with Sunray and I’m absolutely blown away. This woman is a genuine psychic. I still can’t quite get my head around the reading. She knew exactly what was happening, why and timescales for resolution. I literally told her nothing, just name and DOB. Quite incredible and such a lovely soul. Thanks Sunray. You’re restored faith in my own intuition.

Sarah From UK On 06/07/2021


Grateful and appreciative is what I felt after my first reading. Unfortunately, we got cut off. Can not wait to speak with you again. Thank you , from all my heart xx

Victoria From London On 20/06/2021

Resonated so well

I have just had the most amazing reading with this lovely lady that has been straight to the point with me. She also gives lots and lots of info! She doesn’t hesitate and you can tell it’s real and connected ted to source. She also have a lot of validations. Amazing reader, I will be back. Thank you! Xx

Michelle From U.K. On 14/06/2021


Two more of her predictions have unfolded. It feels wonderful when the situation she describes in the reading actually happens and you just remember her while it is happening. Highly recommend

S From UK On 11/06/2021

90 & True reading

Almost 90 % was true Rest accurate reading Linked well but took too long to link with the help of cards

Varshini From Blackpool On 16/05/2021

100 Stars!!

Sunray is a phenomenal reader! She cares SO much for her clients and provides in-depth reading with lots and lots of information. She tunes in within a second, connects and pulls out information for you weather it’s a good or bad news. Both sides of info are meant to enable us to make better decision. I absolutely fell in love with her style of reading. I talked to most of the readers on this website but Sunray is EXCEPTIONALLY good and indepth reader. In just 30 minutes she lifted up the cloud over my head and helped me to see things clearly. I’ll reach out to her again and again I can see that. You are an ACE Sunray. Love and respect to you.

Anuradha From UK On 13/05/2021

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Sunray - 8113

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