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Hi my name Angela. I am a Tarot reader, I been doing reading over 30 years. It is a gift passed to me from my Granddad. I can do readings on relationships and family and most areas that you ask me to look into. I never judge anyone and a very good listener. Let's see what the cards say for you. I have used the same deck for many years, they are blessed and I will use them within our reading together. PIN: 8379



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What happened?

I’ve had a number of readings with Angela over the past year and they have been brilliant. She’s picked up on my romantic situation immediately and validated the reading with actual facts that only I know. Today she was awful. Asked for a love reading and got a load of vague garbage about nothing really. I was struggling to believe it was the same woman I have spoken to before. Please post TP as all reviews are valid, not just the positive ones

Sarah From Hull On 08/08/2021

Genuine reading

Thank you for a lovely , honest reading. Put my mind at ease. I have spoken with Angela before and her predictions have always come true. You feel like she genuinely cares like a friend would too x

Kim From Chester On 25/07/2021

100 Stars!

Angela justifies her name. She IS and angel undoubtedly. I just gave her me and my POI's names and she picked up the issue, past, present and future. I am gobsmacked! One of the best reader on this website. Loved her reading! I'll definitely reach out to her again but its hard to get connected to her as she is SO busy. My love and respect to Angela!

Anuradha From UK On 24/05/2021

Love reading ❤️

Thanks again Angela once again your prediction happened you told me yesterday morning contact with in 24 hours once again it happened he contacted me today Monday morning my time 6.54 am his time about About 1.54 I’m praying everything ends will happen with him coming forward over to see person fingers cross

Marie From Warwickshire uk On 03/05/2021

No Messin

Down to earth, honest, direct! gave me the answers to my questions...very positive thankyou.

From South-west England On 02/04/2021

Love reading

Thanks Angela for direct honest reading I love her blunt approach and her predictions have come true with regards to guy care n question spoke with you last Sunday you predicted contact from him and he contacted me about 3hours later on Sunday morning uk time then again Monday morning fingers cross other predictions come true hopefully i will get to speak with you again this week thanks again Angela for another great reading Marie

Marie From Uk On 02/03/2021


Don't really feel like I got that much information, felt a little bit like options were laid out and I confirmed a route which then informed her reading.

OG From LDN On 11/02/2021

Thank you for a lovely reading this morning 31/1/21 will be phoning you again.

Susan From On 31/01/2021

very good

excellent no messing about. loads of detall 5 stas

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 29/01/2021

Wow very accurate

Really enjoyed talking to her ,she ,gets to the point, tells it as it is,and very true reading,l will be using her again

Mac From Kent On 14/11/2020

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