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My name is Jo and I have many years of highly valuable experience within the fields of mediumship, the art of Tarot reading, as well as Psychic Clairvoyance. I have an overwhelming ability to provide highly enlightening readings as regards matters relating to love, matters of the heart, relationships, etc., also providing expert insight on various matters such as finance, career, healing and indeed family matters. PIN: 9523



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I have a wealth of experience within the fields of Tarot, mediumship, psychic readings and indeed clairvoyance, and all of these wonderful gifts were indeed developed while still being a child, and have indeed been passed down to me through the generations, my dear beloved, but unfortunately long departed Grandmother, and also my Mother being the most recent, apart from myself, to have these truly wondrous and blessed gifts bestowed upon us. Whilst still being a small child, I very rapidly learned to develop these gifts, and have indeed encouraged these lifelong and very precious gifts that have been passed down from above throughout the generations, with numerous courses that I have both undertaken. So should you require insight, spiritual assistance in any matter relating to matters of the heart, love, career, health, or just a friendly and informed chat, then I am the right person for, you, and indeed I can advise and inspire you. So please select me now, I am waiting for your call.


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Love reading

Jo was absolutely spot on. She links with spirit well. As a fellow medium and psychic it is hard to get a good reader but i was amazed at how accurate Jo was. Book a reading with her and i know you wont be disappointed. Thank you Jo for an amazing insight into my life journey. Your amazing.

Sam From Birmingham Uk On 30/07/2021

Wouldn't let me Speak

Told me I'd be in a new home within 6 months...umm, I just signed a lease. Try again. When I try to stop her to tell her...she just went on and on...

From On 16/07/2021


Asked for a general reading and a number of things came up. Not sure she had a connection as none of these things resonated. So apparently I’ll meet someone during a big family party - I don’t have family. I’m being offered a new job - I’ve not applied for anything and there’s no openings in my current company. I’ll take a 2-3 day trip to the coast at the end of July - I already have plans and for then and it’s not a weekend away lol. Such a shame that nothing resonated considering the reviews.

Sarah From Uk On 15/06/2021

Number One Reader on This Website!

Jo picked up every little details from my complicated situation and gave me validations after validations so smoothly I am stunned by her super strong psychic ability and confidence! Love and respect for such Guru of a Psychic. Thanks Jo, Can't wait to talk to you more.

Anuradha From UK On 11/06/2021

Just a No

So I had a reading in Sunday 4th April and was told my POI was going to make contact on Thursday 8th April. Jo was so adamant and so sure he was going to make contact on that Thursday that unfortunately it didn’t happen at all and days after still no contact so her prediction of contact was false.

Dolly From Essex On 11/04/2021

Exact predictions and dates

Thank you so much Jo. I spoke to you 9th Nov. You asked me to update you, so true to my word if things happen the way you said, I agreed to update you. You said I would meet my POI weekend of 20th Nov - that’s what happened ✅ You said I’d be pleasantly surprised by things he says -✅ Thing that differed is that he didn’t arrange to meet me, we bumped in to each other by landing up at the same bar. Conversations started from there. I hope your other predictions come to pass. Thanks again.

Cafp From Sydney On 24/11/2020


Lovely reader. No wasting time. Will call back to update. X

Anna From London On 19/11/2020

Reads out a script

This woman reads a script she has written down. I had a reading with her via messenger and on the phone and she typed/read the exact same script out word for word. TP you need to post this so other clients know what they are spending their money on!!

K From Australia On 09/11/2020

Wasn’t really much help to me. Never felt as if there was a strong connection

From On 09/11/2020

Gave her a go but she didn’t really say nor offer anything of any help and I don’t feel as if her psychic connection was that strong.

From On 14/10/2020

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