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I have 8 years experience in the following areas, Shaman Healing, Tarot Readings, Love & Relationship consultations, Energy Readings and Inner Child recovery readings. I specialise in reading Tarot in accordance with love and relationships, current energy readings, twin flame/soul mate readings and inner child trauma recovery. PIN: 9527



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For consultations, I am more than happy to provide practical solutions, advice and send healing Reiki through chanting to send powerful abundance and prosperity healing.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I remember when I was in my teenage years, when I firstly started to sense spirit; it seemed to happen rather quickly. I decided to purchase my first Tarot deck at 23, this helped ground me, and this was the beginning of my Journey as a reader. I was told I was a shaman after having a Reiki session prior to this and since then I have been able to provide healing to anyone I connect to who needs it and thus I can channel messages from past lives.

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Beautiful soul

What a beautiful soul. I felt loved and safe and taken care off. I have not been lucky on the love front in my life, and I could fully express my pain. Soul Authentic is not just a reader. He’s a healer. I’m sorry we got cut off I couldn’t thank you for your service. Thank you for being here.

Anna From London On 09/12/2021

Amazing Soul

A really gentle and caring soul. Handles his readings with great sensitivity. The energy he gives off, in his readings, really does shine a light on difficult situations. He works from the soul and he his truly one amazing person. 2 years since you last read for me and you have developed and grown so much in that time. Sending you the biggest hug, you truly deserve it. xx

Diane From Devon On 19/11/2021


This is one of the best readers. I have had many readings and I can tell when their is true authenticity. He picked up accurately on my other half, even reciting things he has said to me. Thank you for your insight Amazing.

From On 27/10/2021

Lovely Reader

Thankyou for your guidance once more J x

J From Midlands On 12/09/2021

Lovely Reader

I love this man he has a beautiful soul a gentle voice and patient . Very gifted he has guided me in a wonderful positive way J xxx

J From Midlands On 08/08/2021


This online psychics site are for people needing guidance and even if there is no guarantees some psychics can help you with words of wisdom and kindness that is filled with positive vibes. With this particular psychic I feel stronger to finding the right path and believing in life again. Well recommended.

Tina From London On 17/07/2021


His gift is amazing, his soul is gentle. He helped me so much today it cannot be put into the words. Thank you. Ayse

Ayse From London On 19/02/2021

Disconnected, too many qstns and wasting time

The background was so noisy, it was hard to hear anything. Almost felt like he was doing stuff while on the call, maybe in the kitchen. During that time was talking absolute nonsense about COVID and pep talking me in to opening myself up and believing in a higher good and all about this time for the world to be cleansing. If I wanted a pep talk I would have called a friend. Too many questions. He did pick up on POI when I asked him to change to a RELATIONSHIP reading. I ended up having to end the call as even in that he started off on planetary retrograde and things in the world in general since September. Information that is available for free online. If you find he’s not focussed on the reading end the call. I’m sure he connects well with some callers but not for me.

Cafp From Sydney On 27/10/2020


I first had a reading from soul 2 years ago and just now reconnected with him again. He remembers the pervious reading he gave & was able to carry it on. He was spot on with information regarding my situations. He’s very easy to speak to, feels like speaking to a friend rather than a reader. He connects easily, very knowledgeable & is the best reader I have ever experienced. I will definitely be calling him again soon X

Christine From London On 20/06/2020


Soul is an amazing reader, he connects easily, feels more like speaking to a friend rather than a reader, he’s very knowledgable. He was spot on with my situations. I had my first reading with him 2 years ago, just only now connected with him again. He was able to remember my previous reading and carry it on from there. He’s very gifted, easy to speak to & the most genuine authentic reader I have ever experienced. I will definitely be calling him again. X

Christine From London On 20/06/2020

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Soul Authentic - 9527

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